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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Was Mr. Jeff Bezos a visionary, is he still is, and will he remain to be such?

Was Mr. Jeff Bezos a visionary, is he still is, and will he remain to be such?

I don’t know about you, but since the Whole Foods accusation by the Amazon my satisfaction with my shopping experience dropped by about 20 %.
For example, I have two Whole Foods nearby, and for two days in a row neither had such a simple product as organic rolled oatmeal flakes. And the topinambur (a.k.a. sunchoke, item # 4791) is more often soft than hard (which makes it useless).
Is Mr. Jeff Bezos losing his Midas touch? Or was he not so visionary in the first place?
Don’t get me wrong, I have a deep respect to Mr. Bezos; he just simply represents a very good “target” for any business-related discussion.
For example, did he already know in 1994 that years later he would establish Amazon Prime, Amazon Studios, etc., etc.? Or he was just growing one step at the time: “OK, this is done, let’s think, what can we do now?”
And if he was growing one step at the time, does it mean he was not a visionary, or it means that his vision has also been evolving together with him, or maybe it means something else?
When he issued IPO and became a billionaire, how much of that is due to his own talent, how much of that is due to his own efforts, and how much of that due to other factors, like good timing, good luck, good genes, good family, good schools, greed?
The latter – greed – is related to the actions of other people - the people who have decided (or helped to decide) how many stocks to print, what price to set, and who and how much would also profit from the mere fact of a stock offering.
There is no way to measure the exact percentage of the role of each factor in the final worth of a person.
Maybe, there is no need for doing that.
Also, I would disagree with the last statement, I know that I would be in the minority on this (but not alone! http://the3dforce.blogspot.com/2017/12/bincome.html).

So, was Mr. Jeff Bezos a visionary, is he still is, and will he remain to be such?
With the available amount of the information, there is no way to answer this question (or everyone can choose any answer one likes).
The results of his actions also depend on the people closely working with him. But, on the other hand, this also depend on how he selects those people – the quality which also changes in time.
The next part of this discussion should be focusing on questions like:
- What is “a vision”?
- What does it mean to be “a visionary”?
- What are the signs, manifestations of a “visionary person”?
- Is being “a visionary” always good; and for whom?
- Is being “a visionary” comes from the nature (genetic material), or the nurture (training, teaching); and in which proportions (here we have a transition into the discussion about education)?
- Does everybody need to be “a visionary”? How many visionary persons (per 1000 people) is the best for a society?
And more, and more important questions, but that discussion requires a different time and place. 
BTW: Mr. Bezos, if you read this, I have a personal favor to ask:
Thank you! 

The history of mankind knows many large and even huge empires. They all are gone. They all are gone due to the same reason - the growth of an empire has led to such the size that the empire has become unmanageable. The small fluctuation in social conditions, management stiles, territorial goals, etc. have been growing to the level when the system could not sustain its whole any more. If Mr. Bezos has an ability to envision things far ahead, he should see that similar process started happening withing his empire. The number one indicator is the loss of the grip on the quality control of the products and processes. As an Amazon member from 2003, I see the growing number of examples when a U.S. merchant sells "Made in China" items, but the items are far from the description. Of course, I have no troubles with returning the items, but I would prefer not wasting my time on that. The largest empires in the history of the mankind did not survive their growth. It remains to be seen if the Amazon empire will be able to do better. BTW: it is happening with all retailers, not just Amazon: https://youtu.be/sK-tf5ROyds

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