Sunday, November 27, 2016

Four Critical Educational Projects

It’s been a while since I posed my last update related to an education reform.
Partly, because the Presidential elections detoured my attention.
Partly, because I wanted to systemize my educational projects.
The Presidential elections weren’t really a success (at least this is how I see it – as you can see from my posts on this blog).
But the second goal has been achieved in full.
All my work falls into four large-scaled educational projects:
1. Physics as an entry in STEM education (
2. A universal standard for measuring content knowledge in STEM (
3. Propelling a science of education by developing facilities for studying learning and teaching: (GoFundMe campaign at represents a device to propel project #3
4. Reforming educational reform by inviting teachers into active forms of professional development (
All four projects are interconnected, but operationally independent.
It is worthwhile to see the whole picture.
This is why I have developed a presentation which tells about all four projects, one after another:
This link leads to the slides of the presentation
This link leads to the video of the presentation (or a backup link
Thank you for your interest!
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