Monday, October 17, 2016

Today I got one more donation from a "silent investor".

Today I got one more donation from a "silent investor".
After starting the campaign I also receiving emails from some of my former students.

One email says (I added numbering to make my comments to the letter):

I read over your go fund me page and watched your video. "Treat Education like Space Exploration" is an exciting initiative. 

1) I know several professors in SED at BU and I can spread the word to them.

I'd like to make some recommendations if I may.

2) First, I recommend that you improve your website and funding page's organization. Make it easy to read.


3) I recommend that you identify and make clear your objectives: Who is your target group of students? Age, socioeconomic status, race, location. and what do you hope to achieve? In other words what are some outcome measures i.e.: achievement scores, attendance, graduation rates, college acceptances, number of majors in science? By making these objectives clear you will be able to identify other ed. research organizations with a similar focus and network with them and you will be able to appeal to grant bestowing organizations. These organizations bestow grants based on your research focus.

4) I'd love to talk more and help if I can.”

First I want to thank a person who sent me this email for time and effort spent to get a better understanding of the project, and for offering help.

Since this email represents thoughts shared by many other readers, I’d like to share my comments.”

In general, it helps to stop thinking in abstract terms and start thinking in terms of specific actions specific people can take to support the project.

1) We all know someone. Stating that we know people to whom we can spread a word is not as helpful as saying: “I know THIS person, he/she can do THIS and THIS can help because of THAT” (specifics!). My very first post asks everyone to spread a word as wide as possible, so there is no need to ask a permission to do that.

2) Everyone who reads my resume knows that I am an educator. I spend my time an energy and resources on educational tasks. I know my site does not look very pretty. But obviously, that is the best I (ME) can do, because, if I could do a better site, I would do it. To improve the site, I need a help of a professional web-designer. There are two options: (1) either there will be someone who volunteers to redesign the site, or (2) there will be available funds enough to hire a web-designer.

If anyone has a friend who could redesign the site, please feel free to spread a word! If anyone has a friend who could provide a donation, please feel free to spread a word, too!

BTW: there are other forms of help one can do, for example, printing out fliers, placing fliers across a campus (or campuses, or streets). If someone has friends who work on a radio, or TV, or in a paper, please talk to them about this project. Do you know personally a venture capitalist or an angle investor? Feel free to share the link to this campaign!

3) The questions about target audience and expected outcomes show a mind of an analytic person familiar with social study. It is the right way to look at processes happening within a certain social group. However, the goal of this campaign is not to conduct a specific social study. This campaign is to build a facility where various study can be conducted, as long as they related to learning and teaching. The general description of the facility is here: In short, this facility has two distinctly different parts.

(1) A school (an elementary school, a middle school, and a high school – not necessarily in the same place, though; and most probably not developed at the same time). Students of different backgrounds will be taking classes in the school and learn according to  - here we come to part

(2) A research group: teachers, teacher assistants, education professionals (cognitive and child psychologists, curriculum designers, assessment specialist, software engineers, data analysis specialists, etc.) will be developing and using all the cognitive, textual, programming, etc. infrastructure to teach students and to study – 24/7 – all aspects of teaching and learning.

There is also a third element, related to R&D, but it is not the part of the facility: this link leads to the description
I hope this update helps everyone to have a clearer understanding of the main goal of the campaign.
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