Sunday, October 16, 2016

People notice my GoFunMe campaign! Thank you!

After starting the campaign, I got several emails from my former students

One email says:

Absolutely phenomenal idea!! I appreciate your determination. I will surely be donating and sharing--

Another one:

“Good to hear from you Dr. Voroshilov! Even though I took your class around 2007, I think of you often as one of my favorite past teachers. I am now applying for residency in General Surgery. I checked out your website, and think the work you are doing is fantastic. I will pass it along. Congratulations on this new endeavor.

Best –“

This email came as a very nice surprise for me.

First, I did not think that 9 years later I still could reach students from my 2007 class, but I tried anyway and it worked!

But even more surprising for me was to learn that a student called me one of the favorite teachers.

When I read similar evaluation NOW, I feel myself proud and some relieved (I did it again!).

But in 2007 my English was much worse than now.

When I moved in the U.S in 2002 I could not understand or talk any English.

99% percent of what I learned came from TV shows (go “Friends”!) and radio (go NPR!).

My first full time position did not require any talking; as a lab  manager I just had to know how to set up lab equipment in the proper way.

In 2007 I was promoted to run demonstration facility. In the same year I was offered to teach a course. I was scared to death. I asked the department chair if the department would send me to take a Language course (like grad students from other countries did). After talking with me the chair said – “Nhaa , you are fine”.

That 2007 class was my first physics class I taught in the U.S. Basically, that class became my English school where I was learning how to speak English.

Even now sometimes when I lecture, and students just listen with no reaction I caught myself thinking “Do I speak Russian again?” (one of the reasons that when lecturing I ask so many questions to students).

Having today an email from students of my very first BU class and reading that I was kind of more than OK, makes me feel very proud of myself and strengthens my confidence in the project.
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